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Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

PrestoShine understands that each building requires a unique and specialized custodial program. An analysis of the average amount of traffic, the types of floor surfaces contained within any specific tenants' requirements allows us to institute the proper program to achieve the desired results. Specialized janitorial services include:

  • Washroom cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Carpet care programs: proper vacuuming and spot and stain removal.
  • Regular office cleaning: dusting, collecting garbage, recycling programs, spot cleaning all walls, light switches and doors.
  • Cleaning and spot cleaning of all glass.
  • Metal polishing: brass, chrome, stainless steel, etc.
Construction Cleaning

PrestoShine does all types of construction and industrial clean up. Tenant space, buildings, retail spaces, restaurants, etc. No job is too large.